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Hidden Bones

 Welcome to my blog tour stop for Hidden Bones which is been hosted by Bookouture

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Author: Rita Herron

Pub Day: AUGUST 8TH 2022

Series :Detective Ellie Reeves Book 6

Publisher: Bookouture 

Pages : 414

NetGalley ARC 

Rating : 5 

Note books with this * means I have it I just haven't read it yet for some unknown reason 

Now to the questions I ask myself :

Would I read more of this series ? Yes , in fact I've read 

1: The Silent Dolls 

2:Wildflower Graves *

3: The Burning Girls

4:Frozen Souls

5  Stolen Angels

6: Hidden Bones

Would I re read the series ? Yes

Would I read more by this author? Yes

Would I recommend it ? Yes

Now on to my thoughts 

Just like always I want to say thank you to the publisher Bookouture , the author Rita Herron , for the invite to join in on this blog tour but also to Netgalley for letting me continue on with this series . This series just keeps getting better and better as well as more twisted then the last one. I loved how I kept telling myself just a few pages but then before I knew it I was past where I wanted to stop at. As for the suspense it was all the way though the book from the very start to the very end, it had me setting on the edge of my set , turning page after page which is another reason I couldn't stop reading. 

About the Book: 

The girl trips over branches, losing her footing. The darkness swallows her and she grabs thin air as she falls, her scream piercing the night. When she slams into the bottom of the pit, her heart hammers. She can’t believe what she’s seeing—a pile of perfect white bones…In the small town of Crooked Creek, where the Appalachian Mountains climb into the clouds, nineteen-year-old Mandy’s Spring Break takes a sinister turn. Detective Ellie Reeves races straight to the scene, driving through the winding roads to the abandoned orphanage.Ellie saves the teenage girl but discovers human remains that have been there for thirty years, ever since the home for children closed down. Her heart shatters at the thought that they might belong to the helpless orphans.Working day and night on the case, Ellie searches for the orphanage’s files, but they have been stolensomebody is clearly trying to cover their tracks. As she interviews the residents of the mountain community, Ellie finds out that almost everyone connected to the children’s home has disappeared.Then a woman is found dead, her body marked with a strange symbol. When Ellie learns that the victim used to work at the orphanage, it’s clear that a twisted killer is trying to stop the truth coming out.Ellie vows to solve this case that spans decades and, when her research into the meaning of the symbol leads her to a local business at the heart of recent controversy, she’s on the right track. Can she bring the secrets to light before another innocent person is murdered? And when she gets too close to uncovering the truth, will she survive?A totally gripping and pulse-pounding crime-thriller that will have you holding your breath as you race through the pages! Perfect for fans of Lisa Regan, Kendra Elliot and Melinda Leigh.

Author Bio

USA Today Bestselling and award-winning author Rita Herron fell in love with books at the ripe age of eight when she read her first Trixie Belden mystery. But she didn't think real people grew up to be writers, so she became a teacher instead. Now she writes so she doesn't have to get a real job.

With over ninety books to her credit, she's penned romantic suspense, romantic comedy, and YA novels, but she especially likes writing dark romantic suspense and crime fiction set in small southern towns.

For more on Rita and her titles, visit her at You can also find her on Facebook/ and Twitter @ritaherron.

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The Last of the Seven

 Welcome to my blog tour stop for The Last Of the Seven which is been hosted by Park Row Books, Hanover Square Press, MIRA Books, Graydon House, Inkyard Press, HarperCollinsPublishers | Harlequin Trade Publishing

The Last of the Seven

Steven Hartov

On Sale Date: August 9, 2022

9781335050106, 1335050108


$26.99 USD, $33.50 CAD

Fiction / Historical / WWII

368 pages

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Rating: 5 

Now on to my questions 

Would I recommend it? Yes ,I already started to do so to some of my friends who love historical fiction WW2 based stories .

Would I read more by this author? Yes

Why do I love historical fiction WW 2 based stories? 

1: Because they bring to light parts of our history I had no idea happened .Before picking up this book I never  even heard of or knew anything about the  history of the X Troop—a team of European Jews who escaped the Continent only to join the British Army and return home to exact their revenge on Hitler’s military.And even though its historical fiction it still makes me want to knew more about the X Troop and their lives and missions they did as well as what happened to them. Plus it helps me to understand so more about our history.

About the Book:

A spellbinding novel of World War II based on the little-known history of the “X Troop” –

a team of European Jews who escaped the Continent only to join the British Army

and return home to exact their revenge on Hitler's military.

A lone soldier wearing a German uniform stumbles into a British military camp in the North African

desert with an incredible story to tell. He is the only survivor of an undercover operation meant to infiltrate

a Nazi base, trading on the soldiers’ perfect fluency in German. For this man is not British born bu

t instead a German Jew seeking revenge for the deaths of his family back home in Berlin.

As the Allies advance into Europe, the young lieutenant is brought to Sicily to recover, where he’s

recruited by a British major to join to newly formed “X Troop,” a commando unit composed of German

and Austrian Jews, training for a top-secret mission at a nearby camp in the Sicilian hills. They are all “lost boys,”

driven not by patriotism but by vengeance.

Drawing on meticulous research into this unique group of soldiers, The Seventh Commando is a lyrica

l, propulsive historical novel perfect for readers of Mark Sullivan, Robert Harris, and Alan Furst.

About the Author:

Steven Hartov is the coauthor of the New York Times bestseller In the Company of Heroes,

as well as The Night Stalkers and Afghanistan on the Bounce. For six years he served as

Editor-in-Chief of Special Operations Report. He has appeared on CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, FOX

, and most recently the History Channel's Secret Armies. A former Merchant Marine sailor, Israeli

Defense Forces paratrooper and special operator, he is currently a Task Force Commander in the

New York Guard. He lives in New Jersey

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You're invited

 Welcome to my show case for You're Invited which is been hosted by Berkley, Ace & DAW | Penguin Random House

Title: You're Invited 
Author: Amanda Jayatissa 

YOU’RE INVITED by Amanda Jayatissa 

Berkley Hardcover | On sale August 9th, 2022 





Morning of the Wedding 


I woke up with bruised knuckles and blood under my fingernails, more rested than I have been in years. I guess this is who I am now. The kind of person who would finally get a good night's sleep after attacking someone else. The kind of woman who would fly halfway around the world to stop my ex-best friend from marrying my ex-boyfriend. If that's one too many exes for you, well, it certainly is for me. But I'm also the kind of woman who does whatever it takes, so here I am. 


I opened the sliding door that led out onto the small balcony attached to my room at the Mount Lavinia Hotel. It overlooked the expansive private beach, which was deserted. 


Of course it was. It was too early in the day for anyone to be out there. Maybe later on, but then again, who knows how things will pan out? The wedding would definitely be canceled now. The guests would all shuffle home, dispirited and upset. Or maybe they wouldn't. Maybe they would just be grateful for the all-expenses-paid weekend, and take advantage of the beautiful beach and open bar. They would definitely mull around, gossiping and curious about what transpired. Aunties would have their own theories, no doubt, and phones will light up with messages about what happened to the unfortunate bride, Kaavindi Fonseka. This is Colombo after all. 


It flickered in my stomach then-the first flutter of nervousness. I knew I couldn't keep it away for long. It had been a simple plan, of course. But like all simple plans, it could be quite complicated unless you teased everything out. Laid everything bare. And like all simple plans, it had the potential to go very, very wrong. 


I watched the waves swell and bounce and crash and forgive. The fishing boats were already well on their way out to sea, and a few birds circled the ocean in the distance. Keeping my eyes on the horizon, I took a deep breath and counted to five. 


Then exhaled. 


My hands were steady on my cup of tea, but a fleck of dried blood had made its way onto the clean white ceramic. I'd better take a shower. Today was a big day for me. Perhaps even more so than yesterday. So much depended on what I did next. 


I stepped into the bathroom and made the water as hot as it would go. It felt like a betrayal, washing the last bits of yesterday off me. Knowing she was gone, as I watched the water swirl down the drain. But I went through all the motions, still nervous but also feeling, for the first time in a very long time, that I belonged to myself. That things just might be okay. That I was finally vindicated of everything that happened five years ago. 


I shampooed my hair, conditioned it, slathered on soap that smelled like jasmine all over my body. 


Deep breath in, Amaya. Now count to five. Let it out slowly. Just like Dr. Dunn said. 


It was over. After so many years, I could finally let it go. 


Steam clouded around me as I dried and then dressed myself. My small overnight bag was already packed, ready for me to make my exit. My passport was at home, with the rest of my luggage. The flight back to LA wasn't until tomorrow morning, but I could last till then. 


I checked the time-6:36 a.m. A pattern. A lucky number. Thank goodness. I felt some of the tension leave my shoulders. 


I'll wait until 7:00 a.m. to check out. 7:07 a.m., if I could manage it. I couldn't afford to look suspicious. After all, who checks out of a five-star hotel at the crack of dawn unless it's some sort of emergency? I didn't want to draw attention to myself now. I couldn't leave anything up to chance. 


I busied myself by giving the room a once-over-making sure I hadn't left my charger plugged in and forgotten, or left anything hanging behind the bathroom door. There was a T-shirt in a plastic shopping bag that I kept near my purse, waiting to be thrown out on the taxi ride home. It was always better to be safe. I sat down, phone in hand, watching the numbers on the clock tick their way toward when I could leave. 


The rap on my door came at 6:51 a.m., ricocheting through my quiet room, lodging itself deep in my heart. 


Who would knock on my door now? 


It didn't make any sense. 


I hesitated a moment. 


The second rap sounded more urgent. 


"Miss Bloom, this is Alistair Ferdinand, the hotel manager. Sorry to disturb you. Could we have a moment, please?" 


The manager? 


Well, at least it wasn't the police. They'd come later. I hoped to be gone by then. 


I took another deep breath and cracked open the door. 


"Yes?" I tried to keep the tremble out of my voice. I knew it even before he said anything. I could feel it in my bones-the writhing. The inherent sense that things were about to go very, very wrong. 


"Miss Bloom, my apologies for this, but we have to search your room." 


"Search my room?" 


But he was pushed aside by someone as she barreled her way inside. 


"Where is she?" Her voice was shrill. 


"Tehani? What are you doing here? What's going on?" My voice was a whimper. An embarrassing contrast against hers. 


"Oh fuck off, like you don't know." 


"I-I don't understand." I swallowed. This wasn't what was supposed to happen. 


"I'm sorry, ma'am." The manager stepped in. "We have been instructed to search all rooms immediately. It appears that one of our guests has gone missing." 




What could be worse than your ex-boyfriend marrying your childhood best friend? Getting accused of her murder… From the author of My Sweet Girl comes a dangerously addictive new thriller about a lavish Sri Lankan wedding celebration that not everyone will survive.

When Amaya is invited to Kaavi’s over-the-top wedding in Sri Lanka, she is surprised and a little hurt to hear from her former best friend after so many years of radio silence. But when Amaya learns that the groom is her very own ex-boyfriend, she is consumed by a single thought: She must stop the wedding from happening, no matter the cost. But as the week of wedding celebrations begin and rumors about Amaya’s past begin to swirl, she can’t help but feel like she also has a target on her back. When Kaavi goes missing and is presumed dead, all evidence points to Amaya. However, nothing is as it seems as Jayatissa expertly unravels that each wedding guest has their own dark secret and agenda, and Amaya may not be the only one with a plan to keep the bride from getting her happily ever after…

Hidden Bones

 Welcome to my blog tour stop for Hidden Bones which is been hosted by Bookouture Buy Links: Book: HIDDEN ...