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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Guns Of the Mountain Man

Title: Guns Of the Mountain Man
Series : last Of the Mountain Man #24
Author : William W. Johnstone
book synopsis
With a brace of Colt .44s, a deadly aim, and a bullet-shredded Bible, despicable desperado Lazarus Cain has already made a name for himself in Texas. But he makes his first mistake when he crosses a Colorado ranch in the highland meadows known as Sugarloaf. His second mistake? Crossing the rancher, Smoke Jensen. With a pair of burning six-guns and a deadly gift for using them, Smoke is about to blow Cain back to his maker. But not before he gives him a flaming taste of Hell -- Mountain Man style 

my thoughts
Would I recommend this series : yes
Will I be reading more by this author: yes
I can see why some people didn't like this book because it does have flashbacks" to his other books in the series ,but for me i actually liked it because they just made me want to  read more of this series, love how Smoke's friends came to his add even when he didn't want to ask them or even know they was coming, how close the characters where and are like a family. Also the flashbacks help to make the characters more real at least to me , and the bad guy was even a bit creepy which was a other thing I liked about the book .With that said I want to thank Netgalley and Kensigton Books for letting me once again read and review one of William W.Johnstone books exchange for my honest opinion

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