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Saturday, March 9, 2019

Honour The Dead

Title : Honour The Dead
Author: John Anthony Miller
Genre: Historical Mystery
Endeavour Media
book synopsis
Six English survivors of the Great War – four men and two women – converge on Lake Como, Italy in 1921. The result: one corpse and one killer... 

Psychiatrist Joseph Barnett is treating wealthy socialite Penelope Jones for schizophrenia at a sanitarium in Como. She is convinced someone is trying to kill her. 

Penelope is married to war veteran Alexander Cavendish, hero of the Battle of the Somme. Barnett knows – and hates – Cavendish from the trenches where both were officers during the battle: one was trying to save lives, the other take them. 

Both men had been wounded and treated at a hospital in Amiens where Bartlett met and later married Rose who worked there as a nurse. But why does Rose also harbour an intense animosity towards Cavendish? 

My thoughts
Rating: 4
Would I recommend it ? yes
Will I give this author a second try ? yes
What got me to pick it up was when it said Six arrived - five survive , because it kind of give off the vibes of something I would of picked up if written by Agatha Christie , it kind of was like something she would of wrote but it was also different in some ways. Over all it was still good to read , the  characters was and where  engaging and complex. Especially Penelope Jones because there was times I thought she was just plain crazy , and there was times I thought if someone was trying to kill her it has to be someone close to her . As for the story it self it, the story  plot  was well written and  tricky enough to keep the best guessing, but with enough clues to let the reader play along. The story came to life as did the characters and that is something that definitely reminds me of Agatha Christine. I can see it as a TV mini-series if they could and would do it right , with that said I want to think Netgalley for letting me read and review it exchange for my honest opinion. 

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