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Monday, January 6, 2020

Burman The Forgotten War by Jon Latimer

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Title: Burma :The Forgotten War
Author: Jon Latimer
Genre: Nonfiction: History
Pages: 661
Rating: 4
Through festering jungle and across burning plains to high mountains and lazy rivers, the Burma campaign of the Second World War involved the longest retreat in British history, and the longest advance; long-range penetration miles behind enemy lines, vicious hand-to-hand fighting, and the horrors of forced labour

The Figureheads of the campaign were singular characters like Slim, Mountbatten, Stilwell and Wingate; while its ranks were dominated by ordinary soldiers gathered ‘like a whirlpool from the ends of the earth’ - from Britain, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, West, East and South Africa, but overwhelmingly from India.

Jon Latimer draws these disparate strands together in a gripping narrative that encompasses everything from the widest political developments to detailed tactical operations. His focus is the experiences of thousands of ordinary people whose lives were transformed by this south-east Asian maelstrom, many of whom feel that they were forgotten. Burma ensures that none of them are

My thoughts
Would I recommend it? yes
Would I read more by this author? maybe
interesting and thoroughly researched book that has  many references on the fighting in Burma during WWII. It covers the background, the initial defeats, the slow turning of the tide and the final victories as well as the focus  that's on the military campaigns especially those of the English and American forces.It brings to live the characters it talks about, and makes you feel the things they went though ,with that said I want to say thank you to NetGalley for letting me read and review it .

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