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Friday, April 24, 2020

Update about Google Post

So as some of you notice a lot of my post has their photos missing , and I've sent a message to blog, they said others had reported it as well and that their trying to fix it, and not to touch a thing, I did send message to the ones that I did blog tours for and they told me thanks for letting them know, as for fixing them all of my photos that I had on and in the goggle archive album are gone and I do mean completely gone, except for the new ones I just posted on my new blog posts . So until they fix the problem I'm leave things as they are . I'm still going to be posting here but I'm going to be using my booklikes blog as my main blog which means I'll be doing my post there and then copying and pasting them here that way you can still see what I'm reading and reviewing, As well as still doing my mid month whip up and posting my TBR .

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