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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Cowboy To The Rescue

Cowboy to the Rescue (Meadow Valley)
Title: Cowboy To the Rescue
Series: Meadow Valley Novella
Author: A.J.Pine
Genre: romance
Forever Yours
September 3rd ,2019
Rating: 4.5
All designer Ivy Serrano wants is a fresh start. But instead, her Meadow Valley homecoming includes an electrical fire, a trashed custom dress, and a very handsome fireman who knows how to push all her buttons. Lieutenant Carter Bowen may set off sparks of his own, but the last thing Ivy needs now is town gossip . . . or to risk loving another firefighter.

New to small-town living, Carter is determined to prove himself, both at the station and at the fledgling dude ranch where he volunteers. That means no mistakes, no distractions, and definitely no Ivy. Yet there's something about the sassy shop owner that he just can't resist. As things heat up between them, Carter's more certain than ever that she's the one. But can he convince her they have a future worth fighting for.

My thoughts
Would I recommend it ? Yes
Would I read more by this author? Yes
Would I continue with the series? Yes
For a novella it's a great way to introduce a new series , and set up the story , in this one you meet Ivy and Carter who has instant connection but both knows that they can't fell for one another because of his job and his just starting over but the heart wants what the heart wants no matter how hard you fight.Another thing I loved about this story was how nicely balance it is with humor, heart, and a little bit of steam. With that said I want to thank NetGalley as well as Forever for letting me read and review it.


  1. I've noticed this author but have not read them before - thanx for sharing this

  2. Not an author I'm familiar with. Great review.

  3. Replies
    1. Nice Robin , I even have the first Book to the series to read

  4. I struggle with cowboy romances (too many cousins who are actual cowboys) but this one looks cute!

  5. I have not read a cowboy romance in quite awhile,=. This one sounds cute.

    1. it was cute and I can't wait read the first book in the series

  6. Great review, this book looks and sounds like an amazing book and right up my alley too. I'm really glad you fully enjoyed reading this book, thank you so much for sharing your awesome post.

    1. your welcome and I'm glad your thinking about giving it a try

  7. How can you resist a cowboy?

    1. you can't , in fact that's why I picked it up in the first place was because of the cowboy