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Sunday, December 8, 2019

The Forest City Killer

Title: The Forest City Killer
Author: Vanessa Brown
Genre: Nonfiction ( true crime)
Pages: 360
Rating: 3

Dig deep into the unsolved murder of Jackie English and join the hunt for a serial killer

Fifty years ago, a serial killer prowled the quiet city of London, Ontario, marking it as his hunting grounds. As young women and boys were abducted, raped, and murdered, residents of the area held their loved ones closer and closer, terrified of the monster -- or monsters -- stalking the streets. Homicide detective Dennis Alsop began hunting the killer in the 1960s, and he didn't stop searching until his death 30 years later. For decades, detectives, actual and armchair, and the victims' families and friends continued to ask questions: Who was the Forest City Killer? Was there more than one person? Or did a depraved individual commit all of these crimes on his own?

Combing through the files Detective Alsop left behind, researcher Vanessa Brown reopens the cases, revealing previously unpublished witness statements, details of evidence, and astonishing revelations about how this serial killer got away. And through her investigation, Vanessa discovers the unthinkable: like the notorious Golden State Killer, the Forest City Killer is still alive . . . and a simple DNA test could bring him to justice

My thoughts
For someone who loves nonfiction especially ones that deal with true crime, this one was hard to fellow as well as to understand what was going on. It seemed to jump from one case to other and at times the author put in information that didn't have anything to do with the cases she was talking about, while I did like how she put information about other killers who  at was activet at time these killings and disappearances took place, they just made it impossible to understand what she was talking about. Because you didn't know if she was still talking about them or the cases that was supposed to be linked with the Forest City Killer,and while I hope that this book does bring attention to these cases like she's hoping and it did bring them to my attention because I've never heard of them before, I just wished she had set it up in away where the story she was telling worked better then it did. With that said I want to thank NetGalley for letting me read and review it .

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