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Saturday, February 22, 2020

The Backstabbers

Title: The Backstabers 
Series : Red Ryan 2
Authors : William W.Johnstone and J.A.Johnstone
Genre: Western
Rating: 4
 Red Ryan is one of the fastest guns in the West. But this time, he’s in for the longest, hardest ride of his life. Where danger lurks around every turn—and all roads lead to hell . . .   700 MILES OF MAYHEM   Gold. Silver. Cold hard cash. Stagecoach guard Red Ryan and his driver Buttons Muldoon have ridden shotgun on some pretty valuable cargo in their day. But they’re about to learn—the hard way—that the most dangerous cargo of all is human. They’ve been hired to escort a cowardly traitor facing an army court martial in New Orleans. Every hired killer in Texas wants him dead, including gun-handy Hannah Huckabee, a woman with a mysterious past and an agenda of her own. But she’s just one of the dangers they’ll face along the way. There are cutthroat gangs bent on slaughtering anything on two legs. And 700 miles of the deadliest terrain Red Ryan has ever had to shoot his way out of . . .

My though
Would I recommend it? Yas
Would I read more of this series ? Yes
Would I read more of this author? Yes
When it comes to a William W.Johnstone book they never lete down , I know as soon as I start reading them I'm going to enjoy it from start to finish and that I'm going to want to read more of the series as well as the authors.Thier books always seem to reminde of the old black and white movies especially their westerns.Their my go to when I'm feeling like I just need to get lost in a story and the characters , because no matter what type of story it is the characters come to live and that's what happened in this one.So with that said I want to thank Nett for letting me read and review it.

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