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Thursday, February 6, 2020

The Family Next Door

Title: The Family Next Door
Author: Fiona Cummins
For Sale: Lovely family home, ready for your updates. Friendly neighborhood setting close to park; secluded.

If not for the bodies discovered in the woods behind their new home, Garrick and Olivia Lockwood couldn't have afforded to buy number 25 The Avenue. It's the fresh start they and their two children badly need. Soon, these terrible crimes will be solved, they tell themselves, and once Garrick has remodeled, he's confident they'll sell the house for a profit.

But the darkest secrets can reside on quiet, ordinary streets like this--behind the doors of
well-kept houses and neighbors' friendly faces. Secrets that can destroy a family, or savagely end a life, and will surface just when they're least expected . 

My thoughts
Would I recommend yet? Yes
Will I read anything else by this author? Yes
Get ready to meet a new kind of killer ,a killer that is creepy, and dark and twist in a way that their not afraid to let out secrets that aren't even theirs to tell all the while their watching from the shadows and planning their next move.And speaking of moving, would you move to a neighborhood where everyone has secrets, that even an unknown killer knows, and even then is it safe to trust anyone there.I guess the big question would be could you trust any of them and I do mean any of them from the creepy  doll maker, to the nice old couple who lives beside you, or even the mailman who delivers your mail.Unfortunately I can't answer that question for you.But I can say this if you ready to get lost into a story that has a lot of misdirection and twist and turns and pulls you into the story from the first page then this is the one for you.Because once the secrets start coming out you won't know who is telling the truth or who to trust in fact all you can do is set back and enjoy the ride and hope your not the next victim.With that said I want to thank NetGalley for letting me read and text it.

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