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Thursday, February 6, 2020

the empires of Luxor city

The Empires of Luxor City
by Sasha Hope
Genre : LGTBR romance ( m/m )
Rating :3

In the aftermath of his father’s funeral, Dom Wesa, the new Alpha of Luxor City’s Central Empire, stumbles upon an Omega in desperate need of help. The Omega, Lin Vasiliev, wakes to find he’s been taken into Dom’s home to be rehabilitated. Dom thinks the young addict may have information about the illicit drug trade going on in his Empire. He gets Lin sober to question him only to discover that Lin is new in town and ignorant of Luxor’s laws.

Dom and Lin are both suspicious of each other at first for their own reasons, but as that wariness wears away a deep attraction develops between them. Dom dotes on Lin, leaving the once stone-broke Omega bathed in finery he never could have imagined. They start planning for Lin’s upcoming heat, when they will be driven together by their kindling bond and strong compatibility as an Alpha and Omega pair. However, in the midst of their swelling romance, Luxor’s most notorious Alpha reappears sparking a gang war that threatens to turn the entire city into a battleground.

My thoughts
Would I recommend it :yes ( but only to the ones you love reading this type of romance since I know it's not everyone's cup of tea.
Would I read more by this author? Yes
First off I should give a worrying that there is mentioning of taking drugs and having a drug habit so if you feel like it's something that can be harmful you or if you feel like the type of romance it is isn't something you can either handle or don't like to read them this isn't for you.
Now on to what I thought of it, the story was well written and the characters was likable that it made the story that more enjoyable to read, and it wasn't a fast romance , the author give the characters a chance of getting to know one and other before they got together , I should also point out that is set in a world where there are alphas, betas and omegas and that the world is so much different from ours. Because of how it set up each section of the map has a mob leader or as they call them rulers that rule over that section and it does tell how and why it happened .Plus while it does take awhile to get into the story you find out more about Dom and his family as well as how his and Lin's story come to life and wither their meant to be together or not. But this story isn't just about their romance it's also about what is going on behind the scenes , where there are secrets that are going to come out . With that said I want to thank NetGalley for letting me read and review it .

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