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Sunday, July 14, 2019

A House of Ghosts

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Title: A House Of Ghosts
Author: W.C.Ryan
Pages: 432
Genre:Historical mystery
Oct 1,2019
Shortlisted for the Irish Book Award, a classic cozy big-house mystery haunted by the specters of World War One—for readers of Agatha Christie and Simone St. James.

Winter 1917. As the First World War enters its most brutal phase, back home in England, everyone is seeking answers to the darkness that has seeped into their lives. At Blackwater Abbey, on an island off the Devon coast, armaments manufacturer Lord Highmount has arranged a spiritualist gathering to contact his two sons, both of whom died at the front.

Among the guests, two have been secretly dispatched from the intelligence service: Kate Cartwright, a friend of the family who lost her beloved brother at the Somme and who, in the realm of the spiritual, has her own special gift; and the mysterious Captain Donovan, recently returned from Europe. Top secret plans for weapons developed by Lord Highmount’s company have turned up in Berlin, and there is reason to believe enemy spies will be in attendance. As the guests arrive, it becomes clear that each has something they would rather keep hidden. Then, when a storm descends, they find themselves trapped on the island. Soon one of their number will die. For Blackwater Abbey is haunted in more ways than one . . .
An unrelenting, gripping mystery, packed with twists and turns and a kindling of romance, A House of Ghosts is the perfect cold-weather read.

My thoughts:
Would I recommend it?Yes
Would I read anything else by this author? Yes
Dark and spooky with a gothic feel  to it even though the story takes place in 1917, because there is something about the  atmosphere of the story that gives you goosebumps and make you want to stay up all night and read, it's a historical mystery with a touch the paranormal . As for the setting of the story there would be no way in the world would I go there and stay , and it's because of that as well as how atmosphere of the story kept pulled.into the story as well as the different characters you meet.So if you love a story that is dark, and spooky as well as gloomy with a touch of the paranormal ,and characters who are not what they seem to be then check this one out .With that said I would like to thank Netgalley for letting me read and review it exchange for my honest opinion.

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