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Monday, July 22, 2019

Dragonfly by Leila Meacham

Title: Dragonfly
Author: Leila Meacham
Genre: Historical fiction ( WW2)
Grand Central Publishing
Pub:July 9,2019

At the height of WWII, five idealistic young Americans receive a mysterious letter from the OSS, asking them if they are willing to fight for their country. The men and women from very different backgrounds--a Texan athlete with German roots, an upper-crust son of a French mother and a wealthy businessman, a dirt-poor Midwestern fly fisherman, an orphaned fashion designer, and a ravishingly beautiful female fencer -- all answer the call of duty, but each for a secret reason of his or her own. They bond immediately, in a group code-named Dragonfly.
Soon after their training, they are dropped behind enemy lines and take up their false identities, isolated from one another except for a secret drop-box, but in close contact with the powerful Nazi elite who have Paris under siege.
Thus begins a dramatic and riveting cat-and-mouse game, as the young Americans seek to stay under the radar until a fatal misstep leads to the capture and the firing-squad execution of one of their team. everything as it seems, or is this one more elaborate act of spycraft

My thoughts
Would I recommend it?yes
Will I read anything else by this author?yes
 This is the first time I've ever read anything by this author and it looks like I've found a new one to read , while I do read historical fiction it's rare that I pick up any that deals with WW2 because when it comes to anything that's about WW2 it's mostly nonfiction that I tend to go to, I do have to say that Leila Meacham has incredibly way of being to life her characters as well as her settings , and that she  definitely brought to life the lives and the struggles of the French people as well as their German counterparts, she also so brought to live the fear they felt and showed how far they was willing to go , even to betray their own people,it has twisted and turns in it as the main characters try to outmaneuver their targets. Another thing I loved about the story was how you got to see the backstories of the main characters come to live and how instead of taking anything away from the story ,they mixed well that they actually helped being it more to life as well as the personality of the characters . With that said I want to thank Grand Central Publishing and Forever for sending me a copy of of it exchange for my honest opinion.

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